UNIFORM WARES | M42 Campaign __________________________________
The true beauty of a quartz movement doesn’t lie in the technological aspect. A closer look reveals breathtaking underlying cosmic forces that makes it possible.

The beauty of a Quartz movement

For decades Quartz watches have been advertised as technical products, relying on accuracy and innovation as their selling-point. By contrast, mechanical movements traditionally tout the craftsmanship and heritage of watchmaking.
The challenge for Uniform Wares was to break free from this dichotomy. Neither can be considered less-than or better than the other, because they are two very different ways of looking at time.

Poetry of nature

If a mechanical watch is the result of masterful craftsmanship, a Quartz watch is the result of the cosmos itself. A PreciDrive quartz movement is made possible by the fundamental molecular structure of quartz crystals.

When a clear enough quartz crystal is cut at a particular angle, and a current is applied, the crystal oscillates at exactly 32,768 times every second. And the watch ticks once. It’s measuring time using the rhythm of the universe.
Quartz View

Inspired by the light scattering properties of Quartz crystals we developed ‘Quartz View’ for Uniform Wares. A distinctive treatment that can be applied to any visual. With an intensity anywhere from a light distinguishing touch to fully distorting a visual to oblivion.

Client | Uniform Wares
Agency | Savage & Civil
Photography | Darryl Stoodley
Music | DjRUM​​​​​​
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